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Jayne (To Contact Jayne Click Here)
Location: Seattle, WA USA 
Zip: 98116
Monthly Rent: $825
Available: Now

Room Information

Jayne is seeking: a Male OR Female roommates
Pets are: accepted
Smokers are: accepted
Lease is: monthly
Security deposit is: required
Public transportation is: available
Room is: NOT furnished
Room does: have a private bathroom

Comments From Jayne

I have a stunning room available for rent on Alki beach! The view and culture here alone is worth the price! You won’t find any other rooms available at this location for such a low price. The pictures don’t do the view justice! Check out the deets:

• $825/month +utilities (electricity, WSG, and internet - normally less than $100/month).

• $300 deposit required, but willing to accept monthly payments (we can discuss this further once you've expressed interest).

• Dishwasher, garbage disposal, fireplace, balcony with BBQ and storage available.

• Parking – there is only one spot available per unit, and I use the space regularly, however, if you have a car, we can swap the spot biweekly. When you are not using our parking spot, there is only street parking available, which can be very tricky to find a spot during the summer months (the farthest I’ve had to park is on Admiral Way about 6 blocks away).

• Dogs allowed, but no cats (I'm allergic). I have a dog as well, so your dog must get along with my pup prior to moving in.

• Note: Your room is not shown in the pics due to the room being a mess from my current roommate. Instead, I have my room shown, which is essentially the same size and layout as your room.

Preferences on character and habits (not required, but preferred!):

• Quiet, geeky/nerdy, keeps to themselves. I'm a student and spend most of my time studying (double points if you’re a student too), so no frequent parties or loud music. However, I'm not a stickler and have the occasional party myself, so you're more than welcome to have friends over if we talk about it first.

• Easy going and communicative. I’m a huge believer that communication is what makes a solid relationship. Please be willing to express your concerns to me as they come up, rather than sitting on them and letting them become resentments. Living together can be one of the toughest tests of friendship, so communicating is the best foundation to lay!

• Clean and responsible. I’m a huge clean-freak! I really take pride in my home, and I’d like you to do the same. We are fortunate enough to live on Alki beach and I like to reflect my living situation as such!

A little bit about me:

• I’m a 30-something queer, metal/punk, cis-female Seattle native. I try to live a balanced life in that I am very involved in my social circle, but I also am responsible when I need to be.

• I am a grad student getting my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy and I’m also working on accumulating internship hours – so naturally I’m very busy.

• I’m pretty easy going, love someone with a sense of humor (doesn't take things too seriously!), and enjoy sharing food (double points if you love to cook!).

• I’m an artist and like to work on art regularly, so I will often have artwork spread out on the table in the living room. (If you are an artist or creative type, that is a triple plus!)

• I practice Tibetan Buddhism, so having an open mind about different spirituality and life-philosophies than that of traditional Western culture is a plus!

• I’m a huge advocate for LGBTQ (I consider myself a ‘Q’) and particularly trans* culture (GIANT PLUS if you’re trans*!)

• I am vegan friendly, but not vegan or vegetarian myself. I do, however, practice whole food living and eat as many home-cooked, whole foods as possible within my busy lifestyle.


Please send me a brief paragraph about who you are, and include the following: How old are you? What do you do for work? What is work your schedule like? Are you home often? Do you consider yourself clean or messy? Do you like dogs? Are you quiet or talkative? (Please note that the above listed questions are not requirements, rather they are a way for me to get to know you and gauge whether we would be good potential roomies!)